Sun 5 Jul '20 - Film

Illuminated Darkness Book Release I

author Lily Clarisa

Lily Clarisa has self-published her second book, Illuminated Darkness, via Brave New Books, which is now available online for purchase at Amazon, AKO, Bruna, de Slegte and

On the 5 th of July 2020 there will be a book launch exhibition celebrating
the publication of Illuminated Darkness at WORM 6PM to 9PM.
There will be a short movie detailing the ins and outs of how Illuminated Darkness
came to be, pre-ordered merch stand, book signing area, live poetry performances by Lily’s poet friends; come one, come all!

Due to Covid19, there will be a limited capacity per event. Masks on at all times
during this event is a must. Shift one: 6:30PM-7:30PM. Shift two: 8:00PM-9:00PM.
Tickets will be priced at 2,50 and you must book in advance. Online sale only.

Illuminated Darkness is divided into three parts; part one is about child abuse, family
issues and childhood dreams; part two is about PTSD, depression, domestic violence,
love and hatred; part three is about inner peace, therapy, self-love, self-help and the
healing powers of nature. Illuminated Darkness in a nutshell;

my demons cuffed me
to my past;
they love me
vulnerable & scared,
but light
beams within
with the sway
of tall trees,
from chirping parakeets,
from cacti dancing free;
my light beams
up to Mother Moon,
from the light of souls
who have loved
& continue to love me
so I told myself upon writing this book
I will illuminate my darkness
and that
will set me free”

-Lily Clarisa

More info about safety in WORM’s cinema and ticket restrictions here.