Fri 24 Jan '20 - Festival

IFFR: sound//vision Day 2


Join us for the 8th edition of IFFR’s sound//vision program: four nights of exceptional and exclusive cooperations between musicians, video artists, filmmakers and other AV makers.

sound//vision is part of the IFFR Short Film section.

Tickets on sale via IFFR 15 January!

22:15 – The Under-Exile – Adriana Vila Guevara & Alfredo Costa Monteiro

Memories of the Spanish Civil War and dictatorship are still abroad in an unidentified land. The film emulsion, after Venezuelan filmmaker Adriana Vila Guevara partially buried it at mass grave sites, bears marks resembling scars. History is given a voice. With live soundtrack by Alfredo Costa Monteiro.

23:00 – Wavelength – Stefano Canapa & Antoine Birot

Cathode-ray tubes versus celluloid: electrical signals enter into a dialogue with the photochemical particles in film emulsion. Canapa and Birot create images and sounds using a self-built generator which they manipulate using the latter and four film projectors. Sound and light waves vibrating in overwhelming unity.

Afterparty: DJ Duckfood

Tickets & Info: IFFR.COM/WORM

Thursday 23 January
Lightforms @ V2: SVNSCRNS performances
Tickets & Entry at V2: Eendrachtstraat 10, Rotterdam

Thursday 23 – Sun 26 January at WORM
21.00 till late. Sunday 26 starting at 14:00 with Waldeinsamkeit in WORM/UBIK.

Kino Climates
Monday 27 January at WORM from 10.00 till late.

Tuesday 28 – Thursday 30 January at WORM
20.30 till late.