Thu 24 Jan '19 - Film

IFFR – Charlotte Pryce: the Heart of the Matter Day 1

Part of IFFR "Deep Focus Short"

Charlotte Pryce – The Heart of the Matter (16mm Film and Magic Lantern Alchemy)

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A ‘film alchemist’ is a good way to describe Charlotte Pryce. In these two programmes the L.A.-based filmmaker presents her vast collection of hypnotic 16mm short films, as well as two mesmerising Magic Lantern performances that have never been shown outside California.

The programme The Heart of the Matter contains the films: X, A Study in Natural Magic, Prima Materia and Pwdre Ser: the rot of stars plus the Magic Lantern performance The Tears of a Mudlark. As a prelude the 1926 avant-garde classic Cinq Minutes de Cinéma Pur by Henri Chomette.

“My films are infused with an optical consciousness that references a tradition dating to the 16th century, when artists first made use of lenses to examine worlds hidden from sight. Questioning what is revealed and concealed by the ‘glass eye’, my films create structures of seeing that echo the mechanisms of reverie: of alert daydreaming in which the documented and the imagined are juxtaposed. Taking the form of miniature science fictions, rarely more than six minutes in length, the films are meticulously edited and deeply saturated illuminations intended to be screened in total darkness.” (Charlotte Pryce)