Mon 27 Jan '20 - Festival

IFFR: Kino Climates


For its 10th anniversary, Kino Climates presents a one-day, intensive and eclectic programme that reflects the mix of upbeat pulses animating the venues and organisations that make up its network of European independent cinemas and micro-cinemas. A lively combination of films, performances and debates offer a unique opportunity to identify where these independent initiatives are taking place and how they are sustained.

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10:30 – Waar de Ratten Koning Zijn , Barbara Den Uyl, 1985, 56 min.

Documentary about the Staatsliedenbuurt, autonomous zone in Amsterdam, in 1984-1985 by Barbara den Uyl, who lived there. An eye-witness report on the war that the neighbourhood’s squatters and original inhabitants waged with the state. Fabulous historic footage of the widely-supported resistance during the tumultuous 1980s in Amsterdam.

12:00 – Microclimates

A compilation of recent works conceived as a melting pot of genres and styles. An eclecticism of choices and inspirations that animate the Kino Climates network.

  • Dreamland, Allan Brown, 2018, video, 13’33”
  • The Separate System, Katie Davies, video, 2017, 21’
  • This is not a Fiction, collective, video, 2019, 4’
  • Les Indes Galantes, Clément Cogitore, video, 2017, 6’
  • Votez pour moi, collective Murmuziek, video, 2019, 4’36”
  • Zombies, Baloji, video, 2019, 14’51”

13:30 Reels Regained

Promoting cinephilia also entails researching forgotten or uncharted parts of cinema history. Short repertory films recently discovered or rediscovered by Kino Climates network venues.

  • Die grosse Pumpelei, Peter Könitz, 11’’
  • Black Sunfight, Ulrich Herzog, 1969, S8 on video, 5’
  • Carna, Adriaan Ditvoorst, 1969, 35mm scope, 12’
  • Engel und Puppe, Ellis Donda, 1971, 16mm, 21’

14:45 – Book presentation: Where is Cinema by Anouk de Clercq and Cinema Makers by Agnès Salson & Mikael Arnal

16:00 – Occupied Cinema, Senka Domanovic, 2018, 87′ + talk on “community driven cinemas”

Filmmakers, activists and workers reclaimed a formerly state-owned Serbian cinema that had been privatised and left to ruin. This film chronicles the romantic ambitions and stark realities of such movements. It also serves as an important reminder that the projection of a film for the public is a political intervention all its own.

Talk: Community Driven Cinemas

Cinema is a communal space, but it is rare that community is properly attempted inside the auditorium. Kino Climates celebrates a different mode of film exhibition – collective and participatory, convivial and experimental. Representatives from across the network will reflect on the utopian method at the heart of their cinema communities.

20:00 – The way of Cube (11’) + Kung Fu trailers (15’)

Coming straight from Bristol, England, this programme is a transplant of the Cube’s unique programming and eclectic style all the way to IFFR.

20:30 – Handmade and Homegrown

Some members of Kino Climates actively defend experimental cinema, and may even have their own laboratory. A lively mix of handcrafted pieces.

  • Not (a)part; Vicky Smith, 2019, 16mm?, 5’28″
  • I Felt Like the Sound of a Harp, Laura Phillips, 16mm to video, 2018, 17′
  • Goldman Crash, Etienne Caire, 2018, 16mm, 9’
  • Der Fahrmann, Film Base, 2018, 16mm, 14’ + live sound

21.30 – Kino Climates Performances

21.30 – The Hot and The Cold by Ojoboca

OJOBOCA uses film and slide projectors for anaglpyh 3D images, stroboscopes and music to evoke a magical world in answer to an unhappy history. Supported by Goethe Institut.

22.15 – Argentine Signal by Etienne Caire, Lionel Palun

An adventurous performance where analogue projectors and film reels meet with amplified video signals.

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Thursday 23 January
Lightforms @ V2: SVNSCRNS performances
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Thursday 23 – Sun 26 January at WORM
21.00 till late. Sunday 26 starting at 14:00 with Waldeinsamkeit in WORM/UBIK.

Kino Climates
Monday 27 January at WORM from 10.00 till late.

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