Thu 16 Jan '20 - Art / expo

Hyunji Jung x Davids Danoss – Perpetual Motion (OPENING)

WORM Short Residency

Perpetual Motion is based on the graduation projects of Davids Danoss and Hyunji Jung. This 4-channel audiovisual installation explores the law of the cosmic universe and human consciousness by means of sound and the personification of nature.

Our aim with this project is to combine our visions and provide an immersive and meditative experience to audiences. We bring a different perspective to sound and nature by using physicality and movement in space. The idea integrates the influence of the minimal music and the Hindustani music (Northern Indian classical music) concept of seeing sound as a medium to understand the universal structure. And in their belief, sound is a form of contemplation and recreation of the laws of the universe and the human being is part of nature as a whole body. Humans are embedded in nature and dependent upon cosmic forces. Individual human life is experienced as a microcosm of the universe. Human life is in continuity with the cosmos.