Fri 29 Mar '19 - Club

House of Boys: Act VI

Another Life

Unknown forces will open the gate to the techno underworld, releasing the gods of pleasure into the crowd. Three talented forces take over, providing six hours of electronic musical activity:

  • Brutuzz
  • Disco Transistor (PT)
  • Princess-K


Lockers available | no photo policy | Open-minded

Underground club rave based in Rotterdam. An imaginary house where the rules get vague.

House of Boys has never been concerned with the content or definition of sexuality. Originally existing as a queer/open-minded party, we provide a space in Rotterdam for you to truly be yourself. Life is full of beauty and danger; we accept it all. This night is not just for us, but for everyone.

Hand-picked techno talent, flirtatious guests, a hint of darkness, and some sexual tension, House of Boys will leave you wondering, “friends or lovers?”


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