Wed 19 Jun '19 - Concert

Homage to Maya (IT) + Works on White (NL/US)

A new insight on Maya Deren's work

Avond met twee unieke audiovisuele live voorstellingen.

Homage to Maya is een eerbetoon aan de beroemde experimentele filmmaakster Maya Deren (Kiev 1917 – New York 1961) door het Italiaanse muziektrio Fernweh. In de voorstelling spelen vaste pijlers van Maya Deren als visioenen, realiteit, reflectie, identiteit en rituelen een belangrijke rol. Het werk van Maya Deren is door Fernweh verrregaand bewerkt tot een audiovisuele voorstelling die zich als een visioen voltrekt.

Fernweh bestaat sinds 2014. De bandleden zijn drummer Lorenzo Cosci, toetsenist Daniel Leix Palumbo en gitarist-toetsenist Emiliano Bagnato. Ze maken elektro-akoestische muziek die zich beweegt tussen compositie en improvisatie. Voor het visuele gedeelte van Homage to Maya zijn de Italiaanse mediakunstenaars Paolo Ranieri en Martina Rocchi verantwoordelijk.

Works on White is een audiovisuele samenwerking tussen muzikant Tony Kennedy en filmregisseur-kunstenaar Marit Shalem; een Frans-Nederlandse uitwisseling van beeld en geluid die heeft geleid tot een performance waarbij videoloops en live muziek samenkomen. De titel Works on White verwijst naar het hedendaagse witte bewustzijn in de breedste zin van het woord.

Homage To Maya is an audio-visual performance that pays homage to the work of Maya Deren, facing themes such as vision, reality, reflection, identity, ritual.

By using the resources of music and film editing, whose explosive creative and not-naturalistic potential the author used to exalt in her writings, Homage to Maya juxtaposes some of the works made by Deren in the 1940s. The camera and characters’ movements are disassembled, isolated and re- edited in a dreamlike and not-realistic space. The performance acts as a vision: just like it happens in visions or in dreams, space becomes undefined and narration is reduced to single movements, now fragmented and altered by an apparently nonsensical repetition-and-variation effect.

The juxtaposition between the films scenes and the editing fractures is accentuated by the music, a miscellany of natural sounds and electronic glitches composed and live performed by Fernweh.

Fernweh is an Italian electronic musical trio founded in 2014 by Lorenzo Cosci (drums), Daniel Leix Palumbo (keyboard and synthesizer) and Emiliano Bagnato (guitar and synthesizer). Fernweh’s music is a point of convergence between electronic and acoustic, study and improvisation, that aims at integrating different ideas of music and artistic backgrounds.

Paolo Ranieri
Paolo RanieriI is an Italian director and multimedia exhibition designer who worked at Studio Azzurro in the early 90s. In 2013 he co-founded Karmachina, a Milan-based studio working on visual design. They realise multimedia narrative environments, video mapping operas and audio-visual installations.

Martina Rocchi
Martina Rocchi is a multimedia artist and set designer. She works in Sarzana (Italy) for the multimedia studio No Noise, whose work focuses on enterprise communication, events and video installations. In 2014 she realised the video installation Sogni Capovolti as the result of collaboration between the Istituto Europeo di Design IED of Milan and the Fondazione Teatro Grande of Brescia.

Works on White
The Works on White project is a collaboration between Tony Kennedy / Badgewearer and Marit Shalem / SpOp. Visual and sound material goes back and forth in between France and the Netherlands. Bringing forth sequenced video films and live performances.

The performance consists of mixed video loops and live music. The music is produced by a bass, Moog, samples and a plethora of noisy toys. The moving image is evolving according to the Works on White films, using it as a ‘backbone’ for fragmentation, repetition and collage.

Works on White is referring to the notion of ‘white’ mostly in relation to identity. At the same time taking it on as an improvisation and interpretation of white as an abstraction, By collecting visual sources and sound recordings as well as quotes ‘the project comments on the way in which history repeats itself as a back to the future phenomenon.

Works on White emerges from the places where the landscape is acclaimed by white people with the need of reassurance. This claim on purity and cleanliness, is then again undergoing a secondary treatment in Works on White, subject to a feast of unexpected combinations. Textual quotes, symbols, existing and fictional characters, comments, abstract imagery and lots of noise. This whole lot runs through a trajectory of ghostly parlor to the purity of the driven snow, the blank page to the melting ice caps, Moby-Dick to the wisps of clouds on a summer’s day.