Fri 26 May '17 - Art / expo


"A gently unfolding chaos of angst, regret, paper and glue."

JUSTIFICATION: A bonfire of inanities. The idea is very simple so no need for words like heuristic or quotidian here. (Move on.) Two people use the chemicals in their heads and hands to rearrange the physical matter that originally emanated from someone else’s. Three middle-aged white men (with only 50 euros between them); the most lucky, and most hated things in the world. Banned from appearing in the new Pepsi advert. But they want Black Velvet. And they remember that people spoke/wrote differently, “back then”.

We three just left the hotel amnesia, we had to go there, as we had an appointment, but where it is we can’t remember. But we held on to the paper.

“There is no culture is my brag, for this is the home of the vain.” (Saint Mark of Smith)

SYNOPSIS: Artists Paul Overdijk (NL) and Dan Meth (US) will rearrange 30 years of memories and detritus collated from the Curator of the Museum of Photocopies, (und WORM-arbiter) Richard Foster (UK). They will take three days to remake memories in collage form, record it, soundtrack it during a farewell cock-up party, and throw it in the bin.

CAST: Paul Overdijk, Dan Meth, Richard Foster.