Tue 20 Nov '18 - Concert

Glorias Navales (CHL) + Dirar Kalash (DE/PS)


Glorias Navales (CL)
Glorias Navales is a band based in Viña Del Mar, Chile. They combine local folk traditions and paganism with a post-Velvet Underground aesthetic. WORM is told to "imagine the likes of Lou Reed, John Cale and Violeta Parra (a famed pioneering Chilean songwriter, folklorist, ethnomusicologist and visual artist) doing late night acoustic lo-fi trance jams together, in the rural splendour of Chile."

Dirar Kalash (DE/PS)
The multi instrumentalist and multi-media artist and improviser Dirar Kalash explores open concepts, collective improvisation and open software. Not bound by any particular approach, his musical knowledge is geared towards chameleon-like activities.