Sun 17 Jun '18 - Film


Thoughts around story mutations

GHOST is thrilled to invite you to our first screening of 2018 at WORM filmhaus in Rotterdam. We are honoured to present the work of the following influential and brilliant makers: the film maker Marlon T. Riggs, activist Diana Navarro Sanjuan, film maker Ela Troyano and curator Manuel Segade.

By bringing together the works of these practitioners, we reflect upon the effects and influences of personal stories around broader forms of resistance, history and intimacy. We ask, how is one changed by the impact and force of the other? How suddenly do the specificities of one story or experience mutate and become the source of broader discourses? Like a chain reaction, works or lives overlap and merge, moving from intimate to public, individual thought to collective thinking. Can we tell when our ideas end and anothers begin?

We hope you can join us for this diverse and challenging programme of works.