Wed 27 Jun '18 - Film

Get a Room! Rotterdam – Queer Up! Animation

Queer Rotterdam "in the picture"

Get a Room! is back once more to queer up WORM’s Filmhaus again!
Tonight, we’ll screen several queer shorts, selected by the people of Queer Rotterdam. After the screening we’ll talk, Get a Room!-style. How do these films use narratives, flip scripts and challenge normative concepts? And why is that related to being queer?

Happy & Gay
A queer revisionist history of 1930s black and white cartoons, ‘Happy and Gay’ is a musical cartoon inspired by the power of representation. Directed by Lorelei Pepi.

The native people of this surrealist land known as Superbia, where women and men live in separated communities, is facing the challenges of the first egalitarian couple in their history. Directed by Luca Toth.

A quirky animation about the myths of gender normality. Directed by Loar Dar.

The Man-Woman Case
Sydney, Australia, 1920s: Thirty-something Eugene is running from the police who have accused him of burning his wife alive. But why would he have killed his beloved? Directed by Anaïs Caura.

The Wrong End of the Stick
Malcolm Fetcher is a neurotic, middle-aged teacher lost in a dull marriage with his wife of twenty years, Beverly. As he faces an all-consuming identity crisis, their marriage disintegrates and he is forced to express a deep, hidden desire… Directed by Terri Matthews

More will follow, so stay tuned!

All films will be screened in courtesy of the artist and distribution agency. For any enquiries please contact

Event hosted by Queer Rotterdam people:
A DIY collective looking for artistic projects and collaborations to open up space, claim it and share it with other aliens. Remember our name, you will hear from us again.