Fri 15 Nov '19 - Concert

Gerri Jaeger + Svin (DK) + Inturist (RU)


Gerri Jäger
Gerri Jäger is best known from the band Knalpot, infiltrating the Amsterdam underground as well as the European festivals with ‘raw electronics, wild improv and danceable dub’ (de Volkskrant). Following his studies in Amsterdam, the Austrian-born drummer immersed himself in experimental music, combining his drums with the kind of gear mostly associated with guitar or keyboard players. Jäger presents his new EP ‘Gerri Jäger Live at Vrooom’, at WORM.

“Loggy and slow, thick and fuzzy noise bouncing on all sides, Jäger pulls up a trance-like, enchanting and at the same time slightly uncanny sound wall.” Arjan van Sorge, Gonzo Circus

SVIN is an avant-garde rock band based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The band’s debut LP 2011 Heimat made waves and since then SVIN have been busy developing their pulsating abstract rock with layers of drone-based folklore and ambient noise.

SVIN released their 5th album, Virgin Cuts in 2018, which features music that drags the listener into a sonic loophole between noise-infested rock, drony landscapes, new age minimalism and dusty afro-tripping. Drawing heavily from nature, folklore, ceremonial music and the avant-garde, SVIN make a mockery of genre borders.

Inturist is the longstanding project of Moscow-based guitarist Jenya Gorbunov (Glintshake / Interchain). Gorbunov plays a rare solo set at WORM, though Inturist often play with a revolving cast of musicians drawn from Moscow’s incredibly fertile jazz and alternative rock scenes. Inturist’s music is best described as a colourful and quizzical amalgam of new wave and experimental, jazz-based pop with a distinct American or Bristolian flavour. Even though the subject matter normally revolves round the travails of living in modern day Moscow. A stew of James Chance, David Byrne and Rip Rig + Panic is a fair summary.