Fri 8 Jul '16 - Club

Genderbending Queerparty IV – Decadance


“Genderbending and decadence are inseparable aspects of the art and ethics of parties.”

We are done with the belief of gender stereotypes. We are bored with sexism. We are tired of misogyny. Patriarchy is too defining, too simple, too banal! We are looking for true beauty, and true beauty can only be found in the moments when we gather bodies for the sake of pleasure. This is why we want to create a safe haven of decadence with you, a playground of pleasure, a genderless abundance of beauty beyond standards.

We need you there!

WITH The BLITZ DJ-team from Berlin: Sarah Adorable, VOIN and Sotiris PS. ::Get synthesized – all night!::

AND Pretty performances:::::: Kiki House of Angels Butterfly Bondage

Special Performers On the Side Poisonous playgrounds Glitters&Mirrors

DRESSCODE: Dirty Decadancing (time of your life!) HOSTED BY Manon la Décadence and TEAM.

Why is this a QUEER party?

First of all: fun without limits!<

::Queer is based on a sex-positive philosophy. ::We celebrate sexuality, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. ::Queer is not exclusively gay and lesbian; it is an independent, equal, borderless, D.I.Y., self-concious, provocative and genderfuck way of thinking, behaving and acting. ::We do not have a beauty standard inside! ::We encourage every-body to have fun, enjoy their bodies, and each other’s bodies, but remember to do this respectfully, and:


Please note: NO CAMERA’S There’s a photographer inside to capture your pretty faces voluntarily.

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