Sat 29 Apr '17 - Club

Genderbending Queer Party VI – Queer Camp

We queers are camper than a row of tents.

♥Welcome to QUEER CAMP♥

Now that the whole world is camp, we need to reclaim that word and
put the queer back into it.

In the Avantgarde State nothing is not-done, everything is possible!

Queer Camp is a safe haven for the sexually deviant, for the genderbenders of all sorts. Hosted bij the GBQP crew, it is a shelter and a playground for the restless, the clubkids and the best (and baddest) of tastes.

What happens in Queer Camp?
(and stays in Queer Camp)

  • a playroom — a dark corner where you can make out and be kinky
  • a dancefloor. WITH DJs:
  • Maxime Duvall and Platinum Black ♥
  • a lounge
  • a stage. WITH performers:
  • Spoken word
  • Gianni Rocchetta
  • a special opening ritual by the GBQP crew.

DRESSCODE: camp or camp

Remember, (in case you forgot) this is a QUEER party. Why?
^^^First of all: fun without limits!

^^^Queer is based on a sex-positive philosophy.
We celebrate sexuality, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

^^^Queer is not exclusively gay and lesbian; it is an independent, equal, borderless, D.I.Y., self-concious, provocative and genderfuck way of thinking, behaving and acting.

^^^We do not have a beauty standard inside!

^^^We encourage every-body to have fun, enjoy their bodies, and each other’s bodies, but remember to do this respectfully, and: CONSENT IS KEY

^^^Please note: NO CAMERA’S, there’s a photographer inside to capture your pretty faces voluntarily

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