WORM Central Station
Boomgaardsstraat 71
Sun 12 May '19 - Workshop

Gabber Gabber Hey! Workshop

Supported by Ableton

Gabber is going through a revival, but some would argue it never really went away. The sound of gabber has permeated through the underground, finding a new home in unlikely places.

Join RE:VIVE and WORM/Ether Snuiven for an afternoon long workshop on May 12th for a day exploring this truly Dutch style, from its early roots to its new forms and how the sounds of the past can be used to modulate this sound into morphing forms. During the workshop you will learn how to make a classic gabber track in WORM’s studio from gabber pioneer Maurice Steenbergen of Rotterdam Termination Source. You’ll get a peek inside the Strange Days world created by Amsterdam duo, Know V.A. who are leading the charge in the 020 bringing hardcore and its now many forms to the small club setting. And, finally, push your production and sound design skills to new levels as you work to turn archival sounds of Rotterdam from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision into your own new interpretation of hardcore. After instruction you’ll get a few hours to work with these new sounds and inspiration and present what you’ve made to the team.

The workshop is limited capacity and will be filled on an application basis. You can find the application at:

RE:VIVE is an initiative by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision that works to bring together the worlds of cultural heritage and electronic music to change the way we hear the past. Learn more at 

The workshop portion of this event is proudly supported by Ableton.