Full Circle fest X The Performance Bar

Hip Hop at The Performance Bar
Café - Thu 15 July 2021
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 20:00
End → 11:00

Full circle fest x The Performance Bar

Hip Hop sessions

Thursday July 15th 2021 7:30PM

Feel like having a drink with your friends while listening to Hip Hop music? Then WORM is the place to be on the 15th of July. The Performance Bar is inviting hip hop collective NewSelfEducated to take over the stage and present musical talent from all over the Netherlands.

Full circle fest will bless your ears with some of the greatest young talents Dutch Hip Hop has to offer. In between the performances the DJ will spin some of the most iconic hip hop tracks. Expect to be amazed by some of your new favorite artists.

Line up soon:

Entrance: 3 euro, presale only.

For this event the current covid rules apply

(1.5 meter, seated)

Pin Only bar!


Yes we accept credit cards.

**SAFE **

We hope people of all genders, abilities, ages, cultures and sexualities feel welcome at The Performance Bar. As such, any form of discrimination, sexual intimidation or any form of aggression will not be tolerated.

We wish to make The Performance Bar a SAFE, welcoming and fun space for visitors, employees and performers alike. If at any time you are made to feel unsafe during a Performance Bar event please let an employee know or email us. Any concern brought to our attention will be taken seriously and addressed immediately.