Sun 2 Oct '16 - Concert

MiMa 54: France (FR) + Eklin

Overdriven hurdy-gurdy versus enigmatic trance rock

France (FR)

Imagine Tony Conrad & Faust reincarnated as a French punk trio in 2016, using only a minimal drum kit, bass guitar and hurdy-gurdy to drone you into another dimension. The set-up is simple but the results are mind-blowing. Repetitive pulsating rhythms, with pounding overtones created by the overdriven hurdy-gurdy. Obviously this stuff works best in a live-setting, with the amps cranked up to 11. France are loud, deep and trance-inducing.

Eklin (NL)

Shapeshifting collective around Michiel Klein. Eklin started as a fairly abstract instrumental electronix trio in 2009 but evolved into a five piece band that produced a strange hybrid of atmospheric dreampop with female vocals and dubbed out trance rock as heard on their full-length Onwa. Nowadays Eklin seems to be operating mainly as a live unit with an ever changing line-up, chunking out improvised instrumental jams that focusses on their trance rock aspect.

Line-up during this concert:
Arvind Ganga (Every Bolt Rumbling): guitar
Robert Kroos (Duckfood, Torture Corpse, Tharpa Jigme): drone instrument
Marijn Verbiesen (Red Brut, Sweat Tongue): drums
Michiel Klein: (Sweat Tongue, Lewsberg): bass guitar

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