Wed 2 Oct '19 - Film

FoeYongHai and Elisa Colette Chéradame

food, art, and identity

We are excited to screen two documentaries delving into the topics of food and identity:

Carve Out (2019) by the collaborative project of Fay Teo and Ami Tsang: Foe Yong Hai, and Bmore to Eat(2017) by WORM Pirate Bay artist in residence artist Elisa Colette Cheradame. 

Carve Out, NL, 2019, 12’30”

Food sculpting has a profound role in the history of Chinese cuisine. While recognised as an important art in its native land, in the Netherlands a very different tale is sung. Once the crown jewel of every dish in Chinese restaurants, food sculptures are now slowly disappearing and the craft is threatened with extinction. Having put aside their carving knives for decades, migrant food sculptors Chen Mo and Awan are once again called to put their skills to work. Artists Ami Tsang and Fay Teo invite the masters to dare to re-imagine the future of food sculpting in the Netherlands, with a completely new approach. 

This production is in association with CinemAsia FilmLab.

More about the collaborative project Foe Yong Hai:



Bmore to Eat, USA/FR, 2017, 11’

Following the footsteps of Hannibal Lecter, from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where he studied to the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall where he devoured a flutist, we will stride over Baltimore through a series of random encounters.

Today, Hannibal Lecter would have been 83 years old. What is the extent of his shadow and what does it reveal about relationships?

Elisa Colette Chéradame is a film director and videographer who is doing a residency in September and early October in WORM Pirate Bay Archive. She will create a film based on archival materials and set in the archive. The film will be shown on October 4; for more information: Elisa Colette Chéradame Pirate Bay Film Residency.

The screenings are followed by a Q&A with the creators.
Free entrance.