Sun 9 Oct '16 - Concert

MiMa 55: Sea Urchin (EG/IT/DE), Typhonian Highlife (US), Keijut (FN), Red Brut


Let op: aanvang 20 uur (i.p.v. 20.30) Sea Urchin Sea Urchin (not to be confused with Sea Urchin Editions, the publishing house from Rotterdam run by Ben Schot) is the Berlin-based duo of Italian Francesco Cavaliere and the Egyptian-Austrian Leila Hassa.

They tour in support of their long awaited full-length debut Yagaza, on KRAAK. On this record the duo surprises with a multicoloured, mystic and intriguing collage of deconstructed pop hits, Italian music concrète, King Tubby-like dub and Algerian Rai. It is no coincidence that “Yaqaza” is Arabic for “daydream”, or “reverie”. The album is a virtual reality labyrinth in which you wander around sleepwalking, constantly opening new doors and sliding between tableaux vivants. Music for the mind AND the body.

Typhonian Highlife Spencer Clark (also of Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Tarzana, etc, etc.) is the ultimate shapeshifter, a trickster which mutates in a sci-fi hero, a mystical guru and visionary speculative. As Typhonian Highlife he adopts ’80’s electronics to blow new (high)life into this mannerist tradition. He projects visions of possible futures and speculative pasts. Wobbly rhythms, hazy synth drones and slightly out of tune melodies melt together in a creepy shadow world inspired by Hellraiser II (Hellhound) and PIN (A Plastic Nightmare).

Keijut Keijut is an audio-visual experience from Finland, out of the same freak scene that gave us Avarus, Kemialliset ystävät, Lau Nau, Lal Lal Lal Records etc., etc. The trio consists of Roope Eronen, Antti Tolvi and Tero Niskanen. Keijut is expanded cinema, a psychedelic show in 4 of 5d, with thick layers of colourful weirdo sounds. Wonky, playful, cartoonish, but sometimes settling into gloomier moments. Like glitters in the dark.

Red Brut Red Brut is the pseudonym of Marijn Verbiesen (Sweat Tongue, JSCA), who creates abstract electro-acoustic audio collages. Analog synth simmers, cheap keyboards, everyday objects-noises, drum loops and lo-fi tape noise don’t provide structured chaos so much, but rather chaotic structures. The end result is as sinister as it is playful.

For this show brothers Wouter en Joppe Venema work together on creating the visual aspect for this set, as Vaneen or Vaneem.

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