Sun 19 May '19 - Film

Filmwerkplaats Screening: Love Machine (MX)

Experimental Filmmakers from Abya Yala, Session #1

Filmwerkplaats is delighted to host:

Film Performance: Love Machine (30 minutes)
“Machines talking about machines.”

By Azucena Losana, Elena Pardo and Niko Uské from LEC, a non profit filmmakers, a collective based in Mexico City.

Shorts Film Programme (27 minutes):

Xochipilli, 2018
Annalisa Quagliata
16mm película b&n
01:30 min
Images of Xochipilli “the prince of flowers,” Mexican god of art, dance and poetry.


Manuela de Laborde,
16mm color / sonoro
2014. 1′
1 minute planned / unforeseen. My first movie The portrait of a place, of its landscapes: from the object to the full, intensely framed and equally compressed in time. Around, without being foreseen, ethereal manifestations.

Lína Horizon (sjóndeildarhringur)
Claudio Sodi, 2019
4.00 min.
16mm / two projectors
Between documentary and fiction, this piece analyzes the perception of the eye to the horizon. The sum of contrasts that is formed as tableaux takes us by supposed sensitive horizons filmed in Iceland.

Anfebutamol. Topiromato. Clonazepam.
Daniel Valdés Puertos, 2018
Agglomerate of textures of a burst polychromatic emulsion, which tries to reflect the mood-chemical state of the subject under treatment.

Annalisa Quagliata, 2017
16mm película b&n
02:50 min
A short film that uses techniques of handmade cinema to create a dream portrait, illustrating a process of regeneration and change.

Tortillería Chinantla
Bruno Varela, 2005/2019
3:10 min / 2 projectors
Mechanical ballet, die of mass and light, electric comal moving eternally, from Brooklyn NY where the Chinanta tortillería has the largest tortilla machine in the world. Industrialization and craftsmanship in the same operation, millenary comales working by forced march to supply the Mexican population of the North of the United States.

Elena Pardo, 2019
On September 19, 2017, an hour after the simulation to commemorate the anniversary of the devastating earthquake that took place in Mexico City in 1985, it trembled again.

El Guaraches
Azucena Losana, 2013
Super 8
El guaraches” is the nickname of the owner of this traditional mezcalería in Cuicatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico. From their collection of handcrafted bottles handmade by Oaxacan families, I chose two from the “porno” collection to take away.