Fri 21 Sep '18 - Club

Fa2. Lacht met: Voiron LIVE, Kompromat, Hunk E Møller

Parisian DJ extraordinaire

Parisian DJ and producer Voiron is a welcome and energising presence in the French electronic scene. Early releases on underground labels such as Cracki, Concrete Music and Rave or Die earned him a reputation which has been augmented by his continued interest in strange, difficult or out-of-the-way sounds.

Voiron’s sets revisit musical universes that complement each other: acid, rave, hardcore, gabber, ghetto and hard house, to name but a few. He invites us to dive headfirst into his interpretation of these styles, pushing the concept of the here-and-now in his live outings.

Deejay Kompromat
What we know of Deejay Kompromat is the following. He plays mostly Italo, EBM, Darkwave, Techno, and House. And that he’s a local Roffa lad.

Hunk E Møller
Two gentlemen of mysterious origins.