#Wunderbar Foyer
Boomgaardsstraat 71
Thu 9 Apr '20 - Concert

Eve Biōn – Postponed

An Album Release Party With Support from Domesticated Monkeys

Following the corona developments, this event is cancelled until further notice.   

“A journey from magical and organic tones, deep basses and dreamy vocals to dark, authentic and hypnotizing dance music.”

Founded by Daniel Sillem and Buket Zor, Eve Biōn is a formation which aims at combining their different backgrounds into a unique blend of electronica, dance, and trip hop. Roots of vinyl sampling culture, craftily produced sound design and distinctive colorful vocal arrangements are merging in the sound of Eve Bion.

Eve Biōn’s full length debut album “Observing The Beautiful Forms” released through Oceanvs Orientalis’ Kanto Records, February 2020.




On the night, Eve Biōn will be joined by support act Domesticated Monkeys. You can view the soundclouds of the members below:

Buket Zor (Turkey) is a singer, composer and music educator. Even though she got her architecture degree from the top university of Turkey, M.E.T.U, she followed her dreams and continued her way as a jazz musician. In 2012 she was accepted to Berklee College of Music then in 2013, she was awarded at Nardis Jazz Vocal Competition, Istanbul. In 2017, she obtained a second bachelor degree in jazz vocal performance from The Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts), where she further blended her jazzy character with her oriental roots and inspirations of world music and electronica.

Her first project ‘Falling Woman’, is a trip hop band with a touch of both eastern and western elements, jazz and electronics. Currently based in Rotterdam Netherlands, Buket is teaching and co-founder/singer/composer/performing member of ‘Eve Biōn’.

Daniel Sillem (born 1985), is a Dutch innovative music producer and sound designer. He started studying the keys and music theory at the age of 9. At the age of 14 he was mentored by dj Eni-Less in the art of turntablism, and developed skills in sample based beat creating. Using only a basic sample keyboard and two tape recorders, he produced his first album called In-Session under the name In-Gen in 1999.

Coming out of the blue in 2004, his alias Mea Dee appeared on various websites and magazines along with illustrations and animations as a visual trademark and was awarded GPZH top producer 2008.

In 2010 he co-founded audio design studio ‘KLOAQ’. Where he has been designing sounds for brands like Porsche, Adidas, Philips, TED and many others. Implementing sound design in music production and vice versa, in an everlasting search for advancements in the production of music.

Junhyung An, also known as ‘A.J’ (1988, Busan, South-Korea) is a guitarist and a composer. After 2008, the year he established the Netherlands as his musical stronghold-figure-place, he has been actively carrying out his musical journey. He now holds bachelor and Master degree in jazz guitar performance, from where he studied, The Rotterdam Conservatory. (Codarts)

His proficiency of skillful guitar playing and capability of blending multiple musical ingredients are already known even from his study period, through participating wide range of diverse projects. Also, he earned the reputation of “A Guitar virtuoso” through the activities such as winning a prize from Dutch guitar awards (DGA, 2009).

Apart from participating projects, Junhyung had released his 1st debut album, “Dreams & Phantasms” (2016). Since then, he has been actively performing around the world with his band.

Junhyung is also actively working as music educator and researcher. After his study period at Codarts, he has been carrying out his doctoral research trajectory (PhD) at Orpheus institute (Leiden University, officially).