Fri 2 Nov '18 - Club


with Kareful, Eevee, Deadcrow and more

“This is the first wave music party in The Netherlands ever. To represent the typical wavy sound in this country we’ve selected only the finest local wave talent, including a pioneer from the UK!

Surrounded by skyscrapers, in a club in the heart of a futuristic nightcity, Rotterdam is the perfect setting for a wave event like this. You don’t want to miss out on the first edition of this promising movement!

Atmospheric saw synths, old school trance vocals, magical melodies and a deep dark reese bass, paired with loud and heavy trap beats, this genre gets its influences from multiple sources that most of you are familiar with. Because this hot and emerging style of music is relatively new, producers come from different backgrounds. Wether you hear elements from dubstep, future garage, drum’n’bass or the more obscure genres like vaporwave, witch house or cloud rap, they all fit within the bass heavy wave music.

Though wave music is still almost unheard of in The Netherlands, it is already wildly popular in Poland, the UK, the US and spreading in other countries as we speak! With new releases coming out every week from every corner of the world, most can’t deny that this movement is here to stay!”



Liquid Ritual


Liquid Ritual/Terrorythm