Sun 28 May '17 - Festival

EEE!!! Experimental Electronic Music Extravaganza

MiMa #62: MSHR, Tomuntonttu, Piyojo, Aqua Dentata, Ro, Max Eilbacher / Duncan Moore

MiMa presents the Experimental Electronic Music Extravaganza with 6 amazing acts! (A big thank you to the Delta-Wave festival in Het Bos, Antwerpen.)

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Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy work at the intersection of digital sculpture, analogue circuitry and ceremonial performance. Their physical projects revolve around analogue light-audio feedback systems built from macro-arrangements of their sculptural synthesizers.

Tomutonttu (FIN)
Tomuntonttu, (aka multi-media artist Jan Anderzen from Tampere)is inspired by the multitudes of mould and microbiotical life. Abstract sound compositions but with a pop sensibility placed fully at its core. A confounding array of musical references such as folk, hip-hop and the colourful nexus of Yellow Magic Orchestra.

Piyojo (NL)
Rik Möhlmann is from Groningen. In his audio-visual live sets, sounds from synths, drum machines and other electronics are sourced and stacked upon each other into constantly morphing rhythmic and non-linear juxtapositions.

Aqua Dentata (UK)
Solo project of E. Nuttall, a London-based artist. Working primarily with electronic and acoustic devices, Nuttall creates a dense tapestry of hypnotic drones and surreal textures.

Copenhagen-based Chris Shields’ RO project toggles between extremely non-musical and string composition, computer music, field recording and custom, homemade modular synth patchworks.

Max Eilbacher / Duncan Moore (US)
Max Eilbacher and Duncan Moore use heavily manipulated and abstracted sonic quality with performance tending towards the theatrical side, using techniques such as grotesque facial gestures, physical comedy, and dance.