Thu 13 Sep '18 - Concert

dublab presents Mans O (CAT) + Jason Kolàr (CAT) + Bryce Hackford DJ (US) + DJ’s + DJ Trash Can!

Catalonia's gonna getcha

Mans O (Vitamin, Disboot)
Barcelona’s Román Daniel (or Mans O) has listened to hip-hop since he was little. He likes to dance too. At a certain point he hung up the dancing shoes, locked himself in a room full of devices and synthesizers and created his own beats. Since his debut (the EP Macaya, on Catalan label Disboot), Mans O has collaborated extensively, makes sounds as part of Wesphere, studied graphic design at university and wors on an editorial project with his girlfriend, Vitamin Books. He stresses that nature is one of his main sources of inspiration. But his worries keep him busy 24/7.

Jason Kolàr (STROOM)
Cristian Subirà is an active member of Barcelona’s underground music scene; promoting shows, releasing tapes, playing in bands (Dead Man on Campus, Coconot, Narwhal or Maresme), hiding behind different monikers (Summer Recreation Camp, Nubian Deli, Venessa Milano and Tim Robertson) and founding His sound explorations have drawn priase from the likes of Boomkat, and and take in new age, ambient and drone. His release Modified Persectives is out on STROOM.

Bryce Hackford (DJ)
An ambassador of ecstatic states as he calls them, artist producer and DJ Bryce Hackford’s music suggests heightened temporal zones may be ubiquitous if you allow them to be. Focused on deep listening and experimentation, Hackford’s works are a uniquely eclectic representation of New York’s musical heritage. So far Hackford has released LPs Behind (2015) and Fair (2013). Several releases are slated for 2018 via PRAH Recordings, RVNG’s HERE series, Spring Theory and several others. DJ’s (with ia Joscha Creutzfeldt) is a non-profit organisation that disseminates content and events related to the audiovisual world. Designed as a meeting point and space for coexistence for creators from different sectors, we seek to weave a community made up of active people and with concerns, with emphasis on the local level.

DJ Trash Can
Brings all your trashy records into the daylight, plays them, and then kicks them down the road again.