Fri 22 Sep '17 - Feestje

DRIFT. (Avant! Records, UK) + VENDERSTROOIK (NL) + DJ Sid Idiopath

Nathalia Bruno's brilliant solo project on Avant!

Nathalia Bruno’s solo project, DRIFT., has been described as “perfectly fusing the sound of dub reggae, pop and electronica, all driven by a punk attitude […] DRIFT. is proving to be a one woman powerhouse, shaking nerves in the best way possible.” (ColoRising)

DRIFT.’s latest EP is scheduled for September 8, and lead song Genderland (released as digital single in June 2017) can be found below. “With its rumbling bass, syncopated electro-reggae rhythm and dub effects, it’s Ace of Bass filtered through Darkwave, with a feminist message that targets patriarchy, racism and homophobia.”

The dreamcatchers of Alpha, left to mould away in a corner, DJ fleshwall, shinshover attack, Theo’s sauce, sour seal. The Sjinissing-being robs me of the flesh. Nibble pig, little man cunt. Forget the nonsense, and let us put the hardcore gangster trance from overweight underbellies on display, without delay we present you instant Krankenhouse gabber noise from past/future days.

DJ Sid Idiopath  adds her unique brand of glam chaos to proceedings.