Sat 18 May '19 - Art / expo

Demoniaco: Tommaso Buldini (IT)

paintings and animations from neurosis to light and love

From the depths of his studio-basement in Bologna, Tomasso Buldini brings paintings, video works and Italian souvenirs to WORM’s S/ash Gallery. Missed the opening performance 16 May? Grab this rare chance to watch, experience and buy his art!

A dream-like language drifting through the darkness of the night, where the unbelievable and the unacceptable become plausible. Talking demons will lead you through a psychedelic expo and performance, from neurosis to light and love. DEMONIACO!

Trace the path that leads to self-consciousness!

Allegorical icons and childhood elements form a ritual dance and chase each other on bright water-base-coloured battlefields; snakes with human faces, candles playing the harp, burning bodies, toy trains, a fly with Trump’s head, soldiers, knights, demons, monsters…

The imperceptible grows inside of us, becoming an inextricable part of what we are.

After years of working as a graphic designer, Tomasso Buldini got rid of his job, of all accepted aesthetics too, and started a new life: as a painter. Being a self-taught outsider in the art world, Buldini avoids everything that is thought – and taught – in artschool and embraces every single scrap of the subconscious as a persona seeking to express itself.

Over the last year, Buldini started experimenting; integrating his artworks into videos. By isolating the individual characters and making them “talk” to each other, he researches ways of re-presenting paintings into a performative, live, oracle-like experience.

Pssst. Support the arts! Tommaso Buldini will sell his artworks on the spot. 100% of the price goes to him!