Wed 18 Apr '18 - Concert

Dark Night of the Soul

An artistic journey into the future realms of spirituality

Presented by Svart Lava and WORM’s Avantgardistic State:

Dark Night of The Soul is a modern approach and movement inspired by the principles of traditional occultism, merged with the ever-present influence of the digital / technological world of today.

In the same manner that astrology, religion, or philosophy have been the pillars of cults and secret societies, the Dark Night of The Soul event elevates technology; the vastness of information shared within the world wide web, global interconnection and communication, digital software for audio manipulation, or visual enhancements, as new dimensions for spiritual exploration.

The night takes the analogue, the digital, the mechanical and the organic in revisiting the conservative tradition of mysticism, ritualism and magick, and reinvents the practice through the injection of modern science and tools.

A modern initiatory journey, Dark Night of The Soul is an ongoing experiment using many forms of art, technology and spirituality.

Line Up:
The Nent
Servants of the Apocalyptic Goat Rave
Rites of Passage

Anders Røkkum
Kris Ceiszlik

Andres Fouché