Wed 12 Sep '18 - Film

Cultfilm: Society

It's all about fitting in...

(Brian Yuzna, 1989, 99 minutes)

Cultfilm returns after the holidays with Brian Yuzna’s Society, a horror film from the 80’s, with graphical content that will haunt you for weeks – courtesy of surreal make-up artist Screaming Mad George! As Variety said in 1988: “Society is an extremely pretentious, obnoxious horror film that unsuccessfully attempts to introduce kinky sexual elements into extravagant makeup effects”, making this the perfect Cultfilm to start the new WORM season with!

Bill Whitney seems to have it all. His family is wealthy and he lives in a mansion in Beverly Hills. He’s popular at high school and has a cute cheerleader girlfriend. Despite this, he tells his therapist that he does not fit in with his high society family. When his sister’s ex-boyfriend gives him a recorded tape of what sounds like his family engaged in a vile orgy, Bill begins to suspect that his feelings are justified.

Brian Yuzna successfully produced Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator (1985) and From Beyond (1986), before taking up directing himself. Both Society and Bride Of Re-Animator (1989), as well as Return of the Living Dead III (1993) are favourites in any Cultvideotheek collection.

Review of Society on the Quietus :

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