Wed 13 Jun '18 - Film

Cultfilm: Forgotten Silver

Double-bill Schokkend nieuws zine & Peter Jackson

(Peter Jackson/Costa Botes, 1995, 53 minutes)

The greatest story of all time may be written down in the Good Book, but the adventures of Colin McKenzie (1888-??) beat anything the evangelists and prophets ever dreamt of.

New Zealand is not the first place that comes to mind when researching film pioneers, but the likes of Muybridge, Edison, Melies and Lumiere often overshadow the great achievements made down-under over a hundred years ago. History is made to be re-written, however.

Hobbit-turned-filmmaker Peter Jackson somehow managed to squeeze out this little gem for New Zealand television (co-directing with Costa Botes) between Braindead and The Frighteners. His love for travelling, expeditions and adventures (as in Braindead, LOTR and King Kong) shows in full glory.

Cultfilm is proud to have a nice contact called WingNut films in the beautiful green and hilly island state. From up here, WORM thanks you a lot for the screening and clearance. Thank you Geoff!

Preceded by a compilation program of educational films and Christian propaganda – utter weirdness and cult-i-ness in collaboration with Schokkend nieuws magazine.