Fri 8 Sep '17 - Concert

Coolhaven + Rooie Waas + Het Fluwelen Koord + Shht


WORM’s Avantgardistic State brings you four bands form the low countries for free.

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De Player’s summer time out has ended. The Babi Flakka event celebrates Coolhaven’s new 10inch vinyl release ‚ÄėRode Pruik‚Äô, which contains comic book-style artwork by De Rondos’ Johannes van de Weert. A release party about the Rondos and T√§ndstickorshocks in a deluxe Nederhop with live performances by Coolhaven, Fluwelen Koord, Rooie Waas, and SHHT. In collaboration with WORM.¬†

Rotterdam‚Äôs celebrated dada-pop act Coolhaven will present its new 10inch vinyl release entitled ‚ÄėRode Pruik‚Äô which boasts comic book-style artwork by Johannes van de Weert. Coolhaven is “a flexible group that flows in a realistic-capitalistic manner if needed and dries up where fluid is redundant.‚ÄĚ Johannes was a cartoonist in the Rotterdam punk and squatter movements of the 1980s next to being the vocalist of the influential Rotterdam-based punk band De Rondos (1977 – 1980). He started self-publishing comic booklets in the late 1970s and famously created the ‘Redrat’ character for the fanzine ‘Raket’ in 1980, which soon became an icon for the squatter’s movement. At this special release party Coolhaven will perform covers of both De Rondos and Tandstickorshocks, as ‚ÄėRode Pruik‚Äô is a reworking of old hits from both bands. According to Coolhaven‚Äôs Lukas Simonis, ‚ÄúThe reworking is done with a Gabber feel, which suited those songs like a glove”.

Rooie Waas
Rooie Waas roughly translates to “seeing red”. They are an Amsterdam-based abstract Nederhop trio that makes use of raw, strobe-like noise particles, oblique synths, concrete bass-heavy beats and deceptively simple lyrics that might rub some people the wrong way. Can you dance on this? You’re the judge. Rooie Waas = Gijs Borstlap, Mikael Szafirowski and Gerri J√§ger.

Het Fluwelen Koord
These four No Wave dandies prefer playing with their flutes over wetting their brushes in their painting studios. Fluwelen Koord is one of the latest additions in the Ultra Eczema camp; Belgium’s backbone for unclassifiable music and sound art. Basically, this is a bunch of ill-bred art students being caught with their pants down, trying to channel their weird and wonderfully crude sound to the audience as good as they can.

This event’s underlying ‘Dutch-Belgian Freundschaft’ vibe is highlighted further with Ghent‚Äôs Shht. This band plays a sort of weirdo pop that is much beloved south of the Dutch/Belgian border. Some have proclaimed them as the new Evil Superstar. Goodness.

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This event is part of Kunstavond, the¬†weekly¬†art event organised by¬†Kun¬≠st¬≠block; the name for the col¬≠lab¬≠o¬≠ra¬≠tion of the art in¬≠sti¬≠tutes in the Rot¬≠ter¬≠dam Art Quar¬≠ter:¬†CBK Rotterdam,¬†MAMA,¬†TENT,¬†V2_,¬†Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art¬†and¬†WORM. Kun¬≠st¬≠block is founded to en¬≠sure the col¬≠lec¬≠tive pro¬≠mo¬≠tion of the in¬≠sti¬≠tutes‚Äô events for greater vis¬≠i¬≠bil¬≠ity and im¬≠pact. Ed¬≠u¬≠ca¬≠tion is also an im¬≠por¬≠tant el¬≠e¬≠ment of the pro¬≠gramme.¬†The special Art Evening “XL-edition” marks the opening of the cultural season and shows you the versatility of contemporary art in Rotterdam in one night: from fine art to music, from performance to photography, film and much more.