Sat 23 Feb '19 - Club

COLT presents Pinkman

December, Years of Denial & Marsman

“Clasp your flowers to you with pained surprise – fling them to the ground and turn, with a fugitive resentment in your eyes.”

December live [FR, Pinkman / Mannequin Records]

December’s work combines heavy beats and EBM-influences together with an obscure, distorted voice. Each show is a compelling journey through different styles of experimental music. The man behind club cherished tracks like ‘64 Ways To Rob a Friend’ and “Civil Duties’ will drop his new EP “Night of Nights” on Pinkman, following this Dutch premiere of his live-set.

Years of Denial live [UK, Pinkman / Death & Leisure]

Years of Denial are an ambient-meets-industrial music duo working with the darker shades of electronic music – creating sounds influenced by EBM and Post-Punk. Their track, ‘We Operate On Each Other’ is indicative of their sound. We’re happy to showcase their first performance on a Pinkman label night, ahead of their Body Map EP-release on the label later this year.

Marsman [NL, Pinkman]

Marsman has worked hard to contribute to the Rotterdam’s underground music scene, founding two well respected labels, Pinkman and Charlois, and opening the Pinkman Records store in 2018. During his time as a DJ, Marsman has travelled the globe, playing clubs such as Berghain, BAR and FOLD.

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▼ Pinkman
Pinkman Records is a Rotterdam-based label run by Marsman, founded in 2013. Pinkman started courtesy of two record releases by Drvg Cvltvre and Roberto Auser; mainly so Marsman could play music his friends produced on vinyl. From thereon in, the Pinkman label took off; garnering international acclaim along the way – as well creating sub-label Charlois and the Broken Dreams white label series.

COLT is a Rotterdam-based platform that looks to diversify the city’s current electronic music culture. By making our own “cult” of creatives, we contribute to the scene: merging experimental and progressive performances during concert and club nights.

Cult: “A group defined by beliefs or it’s common interest in a particular object or goal.”