Claire Rousay (USA) + Radio WORM Allstars

Concert - Thu 11 November 2021
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Doors → 19:30
Start → 20:00
End → 23:30

Claire Rousay is based in San Antonio, Texas. Her music zeroes in on personal emotions and the minutiae of everyday life – voicemails, haptics, environmental recordings, stopwatches, whispers and conversations – exploring and maybe "exploding" their significance. Stylistically Rousay draws on domestic musique concrete, voice recordings, percussion and multi-instrumentalism. She has built up an extensive body of work in a relatively short time, proving herself to be a most intruiguing contemporary sound artist. WORM is delighted to welcome her here fopr a residency and a gig.


Ana Brumat and Henrietta Mueller are "BABEurs/044",a sonic experiment / drone-noise act. They will be joined by other Radio WORM allstars watch this space!