Tue 16 Jul '19 - Pirate Bay

Celest Potter: Concert

Celeste Potter: Concert

We are excited to announce that Celeste Potter [AUS] will be performing at WORM on July 16th!

Celeste’s music reflects the infinite possibilities of expressing ourselves through sound. Their intuitive and unorthodox approach to music making is a reminder that formal training is far from essential to creating songs. They have been playing in bands for ten years and are now embarking on a solo project involving synths, called Chihuahuahua. Their previous band, Ouch My Face, was an art-punk project in which they were the main songwriter, sang and played guitar. In their work, they play with, hybridize and undermine punk/rock/electronic music tropes, partially through using their voice as a critical instrument. Using percussive/non-verbal vocal techniques, transformative voice technology and dark, absurdist lyrics, adding a subversive spin on the expectation of ‘female’ voice in music.

On this evening, they will be performing some of the new music they will have produced during their residency at WORM as Chihuahuahua. Come through on the 16th and experience the synthetic flow of Celeste’s new EP!

– Chihuahuahua: The Devil, (2019), https://soundcloud.com/rabbot-hutch/the-devil
– Ouch My Face: Creep Heart, https://soundcloud.com/ouch-my-face/03-creep-heart
– Ouch My Face: The Hammer, https://youtu.be/QxLfXkW0q_o

Location: WORM’s Wunderbar
Doors open: 20:00
Entrance: free