Tue 18 Dec '18 - Talk

Building and Dwelling – with Richard Sennett


On the occasion of the Dutch translation of his latest book Building and Dwelling (Stadsleven: Een visie op de metropool van de toekomst, Uitgeverij J.M. Meulenhoff) renowned urbanist Richard Sennett will visit De Dépendance for a lecture on the ethics of the Open City. His lecture will be followed by replies from Jess Bier (assistant professor of urban sociology at Erasmus University Rotterdam), Tina Rahimy (political philosopher at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences) and students from the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design. The evening is moderated by Farid Tabarki (Studio Zeitgeist).

De Dépendance is Rotterdam’s nomadic platform for city culture and public debate, focussing on the big urban issues of our time. Read more about the talk on Building and Dwelling with Richard Sennet, Tina Rahimy and Jess Bier here.