Fri 20 Sep '19 - Concert

Bryce Hackford (US) + Mary Posa

Quality ambient techno from NYC

The “ambassador of ecstatic states” returns to WORM! The prolific artist producer and DJ Bryce Hackford’s music suggests heightened temporal zones are always within our grasp. Focused on deep listening and experimentation, Hackford incorporaties field recordings and sampling in elegant, ur-kosmische improvisations that nod equally to tehno, ambient and drone.

Mary Posa is the alias of NYC-via-Rotterdam artist Alexander Iezzi. His work continuously draws on ideas and perspectives on what cohabitation entails as an experience and an experiment. The work manifests through a variety of mediums – sound, sculpture, film, performance – in order to reorganize, reshuffle, and shift perspective on collected experiences. These transformations takes place via touch, language, mashing, and mixing, as well as through reactions between different (chemical, social, hormonal, psychological, reproductive) elements. In his musdic and DJ sets he blends staccato sounds with gritty overdriven techno, noisy electronics and avant-garde (club) music with a no-rules attitude.