Fri 13 Apr '18 - Art / expo

Broom Groom / Sweeping Solo by Marit Shalem

Sweeping Solo

The video installation Broom Groom / Sweeping Solo is a result of the work on artist Marit Shalem’s book StoryK. StoryK is a collection of fragmented story-lines that appear as drawn comics, photo novels, texts and collage work. StoryK consists of scripts and drawings for films which Shalem has made or are still in the pipeline. The idea is to rework the whole thing into a linear piece, but one which has constant interruption. This way we can reflect on commercial disturbances and the destruction we willfully experience through digital media.

This concept applies to Broom Groom/ Sweeping Solo. The installation is a digital loop about a possible relationship between Solo the groom and two women: Mathilda 1 and Mathilda 2. The work is inspired by the Black Square of Malevich and the poem ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ by Goethe. The first is referenced as an art work beyond interpretation and emotional narrative, whilst the second is chosen for its rhythm and the human ‘state’ of panic.

Marieke van der Lippe filmed the piece in UBIK, whilst Marit Shalem edited and digitally manipulated the results. Marc Verhoeven wrote the soundtrack. Main actors are José Kuipers, Anne-Chris Schulting and Chrs Galarreta.

StoryK is made possible by CBK Rotterdam.
Broom Groom/ Sweeping Solo is made possible by Het Stimuleringsfonds.

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