Fri 31 Jul '20 - Concert

Bound 45 Present: Kickback Sessions 1: Luce Bree

Arp Frique (DJ Set) & Luce Bree
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BOUND 45 presents Kickback Sessions.

“A gathering between groups of friends, more than a get together, less than a party.”

While nightlife has ground to a halt, citizens of the night still need a chance to drift away on the senses of someone controlling the decks.

At Kickback Sessions we open up WORM Rotterdam in an intimate setting. Versatile artists showcasing their best selection of records.

A gathering dedicated to re-activate the senses of musical harmony and social cohesion.

Luce Bree
Rotterdam based Koen Landman a.k.a. Luce Bree is a DJ who’s developed a strong musical vision. Always looking for that heartfelt connection by showcasing a variety of influences in his sets. His skills lie in bringing together these influences in one energetic, danceable whole.

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