Fri 16 Mar '18 - Theatre

BARCODE DJ’S (Jakub Pišek, Beata Kolbašovská) + SCENES FROM SALAD (FR)

rave-noise-techno-punk, sound-bombing, radical recycling

Barcode DJ’s are Jakub Piek, Beata Kolbaovská. At this event they will present the result of their one-week residency in!

Barcode DJ’s
Barcode DJ’s is a live multimedia performance played out on barcodes. It’s a creative take on the nonstop sounds in shops around the world. The two experimental musicians create surreal associations between the sounds of cash registers and products; bringing an environmental context to an everyday, chaotic backdrop of noise, supported by strong beat.

The work of Barcode DJ’s makes you think about trash and waste in different ways. When considering word trash, we can mean classic garbage, or bullshit comming out from mainstream culture. Every packaged product found in supermarkets around the globe carries a barcode for identification at the cash register. These barcodes effectively connect the word ‘trash’ with word ‘capitalism’. Each barcode is unique, so each product can have its own individuality. Barcode DJ’s use these individualities to control custom-made software based on open source software model. They use scanners which are used by markets and open software; highlighting the idea of freedom.

Scenes From Salad
Jean Charles Delarue – aka Scenes from Salad – is a part time artist from Paris.
His New Lounge Musique is, in effect, experimental and noisy deconstructed pop improvisation. Expect the “handling of moods” by way of homemade ‘synths’, tapes, humour, plastic, voices and a few effects. Sometimes there is a tremelo involved, sometimes a delay or a reverb, An a povera trip,, influenced by Eric Serra, Morton Subotnick, Ultra Red, Nate Young & Bogdan Raczynski. and his daily mood. Delarue runs the French deposit series in Paris and collaborates with the likes of Hendrik Hegray ( Molière) , Romaric Sobac ( BHL), Erik Minkkinen & Andy Bolus ( K7 Straub ) and many more.