Fri 14 Oct '16 - Feestje

Bakebrain #4


Free Entrance

Come celebrate the infinity of outerspace, alien cultures and outerworldly music at the oncoming BAKEBRAIN #4. Once again the kind human beings of WORM ROTTERDAM have allowed us to temporarily change their foyer into an alien-entity friendly spacebar. Entrance is free, so come join us in our musical, visual and stellar behavioural celebration!

Live electronic performances:
ELEKTROVOLT – Started playing viola at age 7, fascinated by strange instruments and their music. Discovered the synthesizer, and now the pile of instruments is almost touching the moon. Playing solo electronics as Elektrovolt, synthesizers in Nacho Patrol live band, together with Tjebbe van der Kooij as Black Helikopters, together with Timo de la Mar and Harry Zevenbergen as D.O.M. (folk pop punk poetry music something) instruments: some harmoniums, luteback hurdy gurdy, bouzouki, guitars, viola, some more acoustic stuff and the following synthesizers: Moog Minimoog Voyager, Moog Etherwave theremin,Roland Jupiter-4, Nord Modular, Alesis Ion, Korg Ms10, Crumar Bit99, Kawai Sx-210, Roland Sh-101, Yamaha Dx various classic drumcomputers and analog effects.

Check out his awesome interdimensional tunes here.

  • STIPPENLIFT – supercool Amsterdam based producer (and Earth Mk. II member), creates really cool vintage sounding electropop. Check out his tunes here.

Klankman DJ SET: noisy acid house / gritty distorted techno
ACIDRAY: classic acid / italo disco / housemusic!
Acid Jugend: acid house / italo / underground techno / idm

VJ FACEDBASED: using various beamers synchronised to his brainwaves, he reveals us many deepspace secrets and more!

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