Tue 12 Nov '19 - Pirate Bay

Back it Up: Workshop and Dance Performance


Dance is an ephemeral art which lives in the moment and fades before our eyes. Many have tried to document it through drawing it on paper, filming the dancers’ movement, or describing it in words. If it’s a fleeting art, what’s the best way to archive it? How do dances survive the passing of time or a change in cultural perception?

Karina Dukalska has taken the challenge to investigate to what extent we can archive social dance. Her book ‘Back It Up’ (2018) is a series of experiments supported by psychological theory, personal graphical approaches and interviews with dancers. Her research and findings can be discussed and tested during her workshop and performance at WORM.

During the workshop, we will compare graphical notation systems used in the past to score dances, and draw movements presented by dancer Alina Jacobs. During the performance, you get a chance to control a dance performance using buttons.

**Free entrance.
**No prior registration required.
**Anyone in the audience can participate in drawing.

About the facilitator:

Karina Dukalska is a Rotterdam-based graphic designer, book creator and dancer. She uses layout, paper stock choice, and various binding and folding techniques to blend her disciplines with a focus on touch, flow and movement. She creates tangible and interactive books which emphasise the content through an additional dimension.