Wed 20 Dec '17 - Film

AWL_22: Sauvagerie (NL Premiere!)

Who are the savages now?

‘Sauvagerie’ is set in the Brazilian state of Pará, once famous for its deep rainforest. But today, the trees have largely been cut down. Who are the “savages” now their traditional rainforest is gone? The area turns to a Safari park, with its recently restored wildlife, a place where a rifle is needed to keep things in order. The scene develops into a loosely structured narrative of the rainforest’s remnants and their caretakers, interwoven with the various incarnations of contemporary savagery.

Le Fourn and de Gaalon’s portrait of contemporary Brazil tells its story through a form of duality. Just as Pará flips between the black and dark green tones of night and the sapphire blues and buoyant greens of day, the notion of savagery undulates between what we used to think of it and the reality for the inhabitants. That said, the root cause is far more evasive than it seems at first glance. Nature and its creatures treat mankind and its possessions no differently than any of its other prey. And the terms of the fight for survival have changed; defined by predators that are much less easily identified. It has taken on completely new dimensions: possessions and ownership, the ubiquity of trespassing and the unfair distribution of wealth.