Wed 13 Mar '19 - Pirate Bay

2:22 Screening

I am grateful for hands to tickle with

Join artist Amina Ross for a screening of the two episodes from their project 2.22. After the screening will be a Q&A with the Amina, followed by an opprotunity to have a tickling session of your own.

Spot Amina in the Hague later in the week for BARTALK #14: Redefining Relations.

And as always, be sure to take home some archival material from the Pirate Bay all about love, queerness, and intimacy.

2:22 is a relational exercise, experiment & performance exploring intimacy, power and loving relationships through consensual play by undisciplined artist Amina Ross. Within these remote webcam performances queer configurations of people who love and respect one another play with embodying power and vulnerability through timed bouts of tickling and open discussion. Participants receive an invitation from the artist, opt-in via email and receive a list of prompts and instructions. These folks then pick a cozy spot, set up their webcams and press record.

Want to record a of your own session? Email:

Amina Ross is an undisciplined creator. They create boundary-crossing works that embrace embodiment, imaging technologies, intimacy and collectivity in physical and digital spaces. Amina’s intention within a media-centering practice is to engage sensuality and sense-perception as modes of reclaiming the body. Amina is currently a 2018-2019 Artist-in-Residence at Arts & Public Life and the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture at the University of Chicago.