Gari Koolen’s Spotify playlist

Wed 2 May '18

After more then 4 years of fun and games I’m leaving WORM Rotterdam. So, as a farewell I decided to write a news item. It’s cool to have power  Don’t abuse it, kids. And don’t do too much drugs.

I present a farewell Spotify playlist by Gari Koolen (that’s me!) – the Head of Communications that’s leaving WORM this week. Expect a musical journey through what I think is acceptable electronic music. Lots of bleeps and click-clack. Only for patient listeners – don’t expect instant gratification. Also, I likes cats. Very important information. Never forgetti.

As part of the Avantgardistic State we regularly ask members of our society to select some of their favourite songs for us and compile a Spotify playlist. And this time it’s me. The most handsome of them all.

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