A.S. TV #11 – Filmwerkplaats

Thu 15 Jun '17

WORM Rotterdam has officially proclaimed its own Avantgardistic State. The Avantgardistic State is a physical and mental state of love, progress and boundlessness. It is the answer to egocentric extremism. WORM recruits and trains enthusiasts; vulnerable, sensitive people who are intrinsically motivated to radical affectionism. Art is our sword! Read our Avantgardistic State Manifest, for now in Dutch only, by clicking the link.

WORM Avantgardistic State Television (WORM AS TV) will present an inside look at everything that is going on within the Avantgardistic State.

Episode #11 gives you a tour of our Analogue Filmwerkplaats (Filmlab) where you can work with 8 and 16mm film. material, image developing and (chemical) manipulation, shooting, editing and printing techniques. The Filmwerkplaats equipment and the do-it-yourself film lab includes several dark rooms, two 16mm J-K optical printers, a B&H continuous contact printer, development tanks, an optical sound negative machine, a number of 16mm projectors, plenty of editing tables, Bolex cameras and much more. Click here for more information about joining the Filmwerkplaats.

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For more information about WORM’s Avantgardistic State check here.