Mon 5 Feb '18
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WORM PIRATE BAY: Food for Thoughts – Asnate Bockis

The Bay is delighted to welcome Asnate Bockis; a Latvian artist “flirting with Dutch Design”. The “Baltic-to-Balkan leyline” is, therefore, once again welcomed to WORM. Bockis presents ROAR OF ROTTERDAM using a WORM Pirate Bay item: ‘Baku Symphony of Sirens’. “Eat while walk / Walk while listen / Listen while eat.” ‘Symphony of Sirens’ by […]

Thu 19 Oct '17
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WORM PIRATE BAY: Food for Thoughts – Lorna Buckley

The night’s theme is trash (as the Avantgardistic State also likes to balance highbrow aesthetics with getting its hands dirty) , and who better to ask to expound on this subject than Lorna Buckley? Lorna Buckley is an actress, known for CTRL ALT ESC from Rotterdam (2011), lost footage of which will be shown […]

Thu 21 Sep '17
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WORM PIRATE BAY: Food for Thoughts – Paul Smullenberg

Remember all those movies showing people hiding in shelters after the apocalypse? What if it would no longer be fiction but reality? Paul Smullers Smullenberg takes it seriously and will cook us a meal which consists out of nothing else than SHELTER FOOD. Think pickles and preservatives and dried food “made tasty”… If that makes […]

Thu 8 Jun '17
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WORM PIRATE BAY: Food for Thoughts w/ Lonneke Jonker + Concert by Misha Feigin & Lukas Simonis

Samen denken, eten en praten rond deĀ grote tafel. De eerste aflevering van een nieuwe serie uit het WORM Pirate Bay programma, met als gastvrouw Lonneke Jonker. Lonneke’s achtergrond ligt in de subcultuur(en) die door kraken is(zijn) ontstaan. Uit deze cultuur ontsprongen meerdere zaken tegelijk zoals vrijplaatsen, eetcafe’s, weggeefwinkels en verschillende muziek- en kunststijlen. Via het […]