Field Recordings – Film programme 1

Film Programme 1 | 20h - Friday 12 NOV

RECORD – Stephanie Spray (2018)
Film as recording; the camera as a channelling device for empathy. The record traces a conversation between visual anthropologist Stephanie Spray and her interlocutor Seti. “I can see the real you there…”, says Seti when taking over as the camera person. But what is this a record of, exactly?

Can film save the world? In You Are All Captains, Spanish filmmaker Oliver Laxe (Mimosas; Fire Will Come) travels to Tangier, Morocco, to teach filmmaking to a class of children living in a foster home. Exploring the effects of neocolonialism and building upon the traditions of docufiction, You Are All Captains is a marvellous reflection on the politics of cinema.

You All Are Captains - Trailer