ZineCampWorkshop by Zep Zey

7 NOV 06:30 PM| Posted IRL by Zep Zey

Since over a good decade we are all publishers. In one form or another the toolkit of all necessities and in-necessities are in our pocket thanks to our mobiles. What tools do we use to publish online? Does the quantity of publishing affect the quality of the content? What different platforms and techniques do we use to publish online?

In this workshop we will walk through the tools to publish online and the content created. As a result we will create a collaborative zine made of reflections and your personal posts IRL!

There will be different formatted tools to create your own spread according to the size ratio of the platform you want to refer to. All materials will be provided, but you are more than welcome to bring any materials you want.

Posted IRL will be published and distributed as an issue of the offline journal*. Offline journal is a research project combining a series of experimental publications reflecting over the online. Bring magazines, old visual books etc!

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Location: WORM Slash Gallery