ZineCamp Workshop by VARIA

7 NOV 11:00 AM: Pad-publishing by VARIA

We are sitting in a room different from the one you are in now. We are recording the sound of our speaking voices and we are going to play it back into the room again and again.

During this workshop we will experiment with models of resonant publishing: publishing that is not left at the end of a process of thought, but is embedded in a social, technical and collective process where thought develops and unfolds.

Tools like Etherpad and web2print techniques introduce a range of possibilities for collective zine making. Starting in the middle of the different userspaces that these tools create, we will experiment with user-subjectivities, pad-listening, di-versioning and other methods that will allow us to re-turn to notions of vibration, citation and capturing.

Together we will work towards making a zine, using a pad-publishing environment in which actions of writing, processing and lay-out making continuously cross each other.

Bring a laptop!

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Location WORM Slash Gallery