ZineCamp Workshop by Federico Poni

7 NOV 01:30 PM: Part 2: (N)P~(A)WP > Non-Permanent ~-Autonomous Words Processor ]]] by Federico Poni

Part2: Not-completely-fully automated {{luxury}} layouting %%

After we got etherpad, we can party harder with an automated layouting system [[ops we code!]]. Ciao *It would be nice to see again your faces the day after the Etherpad installation party for an automatic layouting party. Even if you did not participated to the etherpad installation you can join this workshop*

%% 2hrs % 7th November % ??18.00

After installed etherpad on the RaspberryPi, we will mess around with different tools and languages [Pandoc, CSS, Paged.js, and maybe more?] for an automated layouting. ~~

## #Not-completely-fully automated {{luxury}} layouting # ## Also for this chapter >> Please feel free to ask/suggest/interact////////////// All best, FUNIX [http://funix.xyz]

Bring a laptop! You will get instruction on e-mail before the workshop!

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Location: WORM Slash Gallery